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Like many people, I have not always enjoyed a healthy relationship with my body; in fact, there were times when I had just about given up.  For the longest time I saw my body as an enemy to be controlled and conquered, and that approach never got me closer to my end goal:  to simply be happy with and accept my body.  After some associated tragedies and consequent soul-searching, I began to realize that this body had carried me through every moment of my entire life, that instead of being my enemy, my body had supported me and kept me going.  This turn-around was accompanied by intensive study of all things related to the body, and as my awe for this amazing mini-universe grew, so did my passion for learning more and my desire to share this appreciation with others.   In 2001 I received my first certification as a Personal Trainer and have since acquired professional certifications in Corrective Exercise* and Performance Enhancement for sports.   My favorite subject to “geek” with currently is the use of neuromuscular conditioning to eliminate chronic pain and/or faulty joint mechanics.  I also very much enjoy helping individuals to restore or acquire healthy relationships with their bodies and putting lifestyle changes in place to reflect the vitalistic philosophy that the body can heal itself.

My training home base is Firehouse Fitness and Wellness, 1104 S. Westnedge, Kalamazoo MI.   We hold monthly posture workshops, ongoing group self-care plans, and specialty seminars in addition to one-on-one sessions.   On-site we have a nutritionist, a physical therapist, massage therapists, and even martial arts instruction!

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Note:  *Corrective Exercise includes  a strategic analysis of joint range of motion, muscle strengths and imbalances, and faulty movement patterns followed by a plan for incremental changes brought about by very particular exercise selection.  Training techniques may involve bodyweight exercises, weight training, postural balancing, Pilates and other core training,  and Trainer – assisted stretching.   Many exercise programs are impeded by imbalanced force-tension relationships in the body;  I study these imbalances and design your flexibility program accordingly to even up your body and have your moving with ease.  Training sessions are each as unique as the individuals they serve, so we will work together to design the combination of services and styles to get you and your body to the place of maximized fitness and health.


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Past Clients and Speaking Engagements

  • Kalamazoo College Arcus Center for Social Justice and Leadership.  Guest Workshop Facilitator – Self-Care for Social Change, 2017.
  • Rootead Cultural ArtsGuest Instructor – African Dance and Your Pelvic Floor, 2016.
  • Kalamazoo College Arcus Center for Social Justice and LeadershipGuest Workshop Facilitator – Self-Care for Social Change, 2016.
  • Jeter’s Leaders/Turn 2 FoundationGuest Workshop Facilitator – Real Health and Body Love, 2015.
  • Boys and Girls ClubKeynote SpeakerYou’re Worth More Than Gold Self-Esteem Conference 2015.
  • “Personal Trainer Teaches Clients to Love Their Bodies.” Interview with Michigan Radio‘s Kyle Norris, 2015.
  • Crescendo Music AcademyGuest Teacher – Bodies in Tune 2013-14
  • “Woman, No Shame – Seamless Body Art.  Multi-media collaborative Body-Love art show, May 2013.
  • The Playgrown Project (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t-YW4sCxK6w, https://www.facebook.com/pg/Playgrown/posts/?ref=page_internal). Chief Fitness Consultant.  2013 – ongoing.
  • Kalamazoo Public Schools Physical Education Department.   Guest Instructor – Stretching Strategies for Modern Student Bodies, Educator Inservice, 2010.
  • Boys’ and Girls’ Club of Greater KalamazooGuest Speaker – Healthy Mind, Body, and Spirit; Joy of Movement.
  • National Association of Legal SecretariesGuest Speaker – Loving your Job-Taxed Body.
  • Michigan Fretboard Festival.  Guest Speaker – Body Strategies for Longer, Stronger Playing, 2012.
  • Michigan Fretboard Festival.  Guest Speaker – Posture for Pickers, 2011.
  • Girl Scouts – Girl Development Summit Guest SpeakerBuilding a Self-Esteem Toolbox.
  • Western Michigan University Health and Wellness/Honors SessionGuest speaker .
  • Van Buren County Head-Start Guest Speaker – Winter Wellness Toolbox 2011.
  • Alpha Delta Kappa Educational Sorority. Guest Speaker- Laughter for Relaxation & Movement 2010.
  • Loy Norrix Varsity and Junior Varsity Womens’ Soccer. Guest Conditioning Coach -Strength and Alignment 2010.
  • Kalamazoo Leaders in Wellness & Recovery ConferenceKeynote Speaker, 2009.
  • Portage Central Varsity Football 2009. Guest Coach – Core Conditioning.
  • Rubin Chiropractic. Guest Speaker, Stretching for Healthy Posture.
  • Sherman Lake YMCA Health Seeker’s GroupGuest Speaker.
  • FIRE Historical and Cultural Arts Collaborative. Host – Body Love Poetry Slam 2010.
  • Kalamazoo Institute of ArtsFeatured Instructor “America on the Move 2008”.
  • Van Buren County Childcare Resources Inservice. Guest Lecturer – Health-Wealth for Kids, 2008.
  • ACTA Conference. Seminar Leader – All Roads Lead to Wellness, 2005 (voted by participants as best overall seminar in conference).